Monday, June 13, 2011

50 Watts showcased in The Atlantic

An old acquaintance from LibraryThing and a connoisseur of book illustration and design (as well as a favorite of many followers of this blog), Will "Journey Around My Skull" Schofield was recently showcased by Steven Heller in The Atlantic.

50 Watt is a real treasure for lovers of books and design, and an obvious labor of love! I would steal so many of his illustrations, if it weren't so obvious where they came from.

Congratulations to Will on this well-deserved attention.


  1. Totally deserved indeed!
    Besides, should the obviousness of the place images stolen from 50Watts come from make us uncomfortable for displaying them? Shouldn't we be proud, instead, to be recognizable as thieves with good taste?

  2. Thank you both! I'll be pilfering your site for fodder for "Writers no one reads." Need to get back to Chapel of the Abyss too. Can't wait to start reading my usual fare after a diet of Big Realist Novels.