Friday, March 05, 2010

Traditional and World Music

I have been slowly cataloging my music collection on my LibraryThing account. I am about 1/6th through the vinyl, with most of the classical stuff entered except for multiple disk sets. Now I'm deeply into the traditional/world music, and it's been fun listening to forgotten recordings while working on the computer. As a result of this activity, I've come across a nice blog for fans of this type of music called "The World's Jukebox". This site is now listed on the blogroll. On this site, you'll also find links to sites "Excavated Shellac" and "The Old Weird America". If you enjoy ethnic and world music, I hope you'll enjoy these links.

To browse my collection in progress, look for the "Music" collection on my LibraryThing profile. Be warned - it is tragically uncool.

Photo: Makifat's Museum of Obsolete Technology. You may be happy to know that I've recently installed bigger and better speakers.