Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Used To Think There Was No Such Thing As "Bad Art"

I was mistaken.

Have a look at this and tell me that this isn't documentary proof that we are on a slow Gibbonesque slide into depravity. What kind of sleazy, cheesy nouveau riche white trash crap is this? Who would want to "immortalize" their family with one of these phoney tributes to dysfunctional family alcoholism, complete with fruity drinks? Oh, wait, isn't that George Allen?

And why are the boys looking at Mom like that? Ewww!

Ok, maybe it's not the end of civilization as we know it, but you must admit, these paintings are pretty damn weird.

Lifted from a Crooks and Liars comment referencing Wonkette that I am too lazy to track down. Hat tip to you, in the unlikely event that you will read this.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Big Fish

It looks like it's gonna be smooth sailing now, just like when we caught Uday (and not-Uday), Saddam, Zarqawi, and a plethora of al-Qaida second and third-in-commands. I expect the violence in Iraq will stop any minute now...