Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Conversation with My 3 Year Old

Me: I need you to eat the food I make for you. You just can't eat donuts and cookies.

3 Yr Old: Why?

Me: Because they aren't good for you. You need to eat healthy food...

3 Yr Old (interrupting): Why can't I shoot fire out of my toes?


  1. Okay, that made me laugh. What was your response?

  2. Ha! I wish I could say that I had some clever answer. Most of my best responses stay in my head as they are inappropriate for children.

    So nice of you to visit! It's pretty lonely on this blog...

  3. Hi, Makifat,

    I'm inspired to post here due to your welcome support.

    This is hilarious! Maybe if you told him the food you make would enable him to shoot fire out of his toes...?

  4. If he wants to shoot fire, maybe we should give him more Mexican food!


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