Thursday, September 13, 2007


I have finally gotten around to starting a list of links over there to the right.

Jurassic Pork at Pottersville is always on the mark with essays that challenge the short attention span zeitgeist. In an ideal world, his essays would be on the front of all our major metropolitan newspapers (although in an ideal world, that wouldn't be necessary). I recommend TBogg for his own brand of insight, and for a really great sense of humor. He reminds me of myself, back when I still had a sense of humor that scared the living shit out of my adversaries.

I'll build the list as I go along. It will be dedicated to meaningful sites that I visit frequently. Except Atrios. God knows why I still visit him frequently. Heh, Indeedy.


  1. Comrade Rutherford11:51 AM

    I came here from Jurrasic Pork's Potersville.

    I refuse to read any webpage that has white letter on black backgrounds. That scheme is too difficult to read, and does bad things to my eyes when I go back to normal webpages that have bright backgrounds.


  2. I've heard that complaint before. I don't particularly get it, but I will take it under advisement and perhaps play around with the color scheme.

    I suppose for me it symbolizes the dark hole of the blogosphere to in which I find myself.


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